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So...Who is the Hair Doctor? 

Meet Shahjahan Smith

I am Shahjahan Smith better known as The Hair Doctor. I was raised in south Florida and moved to Birmingham Alabama in 1993. In 1997 God led me to the clippers, I decided to take up barbering at Jefferson Davis Community College. By 2000 I was working as a barber in a local barber shop.

After years in barber shop I was dissatisfied and told myself there's too many people walking around with hair for me to be limiting myself to one type of hair texture,so therefore in 2005 I enrolled in Roebuck Beauty School where I completed the cosmetology program. By 2007 I was working with HeadStart HairCare Salon. By 2010 Samford University wrote a 1000 word article about The Hair Doctor and the rest is history!!!

"I wear my sunglasses a lot of the time when I cut because I'm just fly like that,"

The Doctor's style is embodied in his wardrobe. To cut hair, he dons a flat-billed hat and sunglasses as he works his way with cutting shears. 

Read about The Doctor in the Samford Crimson. Click below to visit the link.

The Hair Doctor promises to change your life and your hair

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